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Autoboyography - Christina Lauren I received an eGalley of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Have you ever seen that tumblr post (Natsui) that reads how the OP can keep a poker face during some of the kinkiest erotica they'll ever read, but struggle to keep from reacting during the stupidly cute moments in a story? This book's very tame on the graphic descriptions once the romance starts to heat up, but there were so many adorable cringe-y moments in this book and I. Loved. Them. I think it's fantastic that Tanner's unapologetically, unquestioningly bisexual. And in case you or any character forgot, he'll remind you. Sebastian isn't brainwashed by his faith. You'll get to experience why he loves it, why it makes sense to him.

I'm tapering off of the honeymoon period from reading this book, so my revised rating is closer to a 3-3.5. It's a good book, and totally worth reading if you enjoyed FANGIRL or CARRY ON (Rowell).