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A Poet's Dublin

A Poet's Dublin - Eavan Boland I received this as an advanced reader's copy, and the only thing I wish more than to dive back into these poems is to have a physical copy of this collection so that I may more fully immerse myself. I can't believe that I have lived as long as I have without having been introduced to Eavan Boland's poetry.

She gracefully travels through the city of Dublin, walking along its streets as both native and outsider. Her observations and wordplay acknowledge several Dublins defined by politics and tragedy, family and feminine strength, culture and socioeconomic divides. I also really enjoyed the conversation between Paula Meehan and Eavan Bolan about how the city has shaped their lives and influenced their work over the years.

My digital copy showed small, awkwardly oriented photographs between the lines of many poems that interrupted the flow while reading, but the beauty of the words and the images they invoke will only be enhanced when the photographs of the subjects lay side by side with them. I can't wait to see it in person.